So, it turns out that as a whole, Facebook is pretty profane! I mean, we're all used to the random rants thrown out by people, the super cryptic Facebook statuses, and the ones that are all about how in love people are with their "honey", or "boo", or "sugar muffin". But, as it turns out, profanity is far more common than I thought.

According to a story on the Today Show's website,  the Facebook monitoring service called Reppler analyzed the Facebook pages of about 30,000 people and came to some interesting conclusions.

In their study, they determined that 47 percent of Facebook users have some form of profanity on their wall! 47 percent!

I know that I try to keep my Facebook page as PG as possible (which sometimes involves removing people's vulgar comments) and am shocked that more people don't do the same! But then, when I stopped to think about it, I do have a lot of friends who don't seem to care what kind of language shows up on their page. In the day and age where parents are allowing their children to get Facebook pages at younger and younger ages, I would think that it's more important than ever to keep things PG. Then again, maybe that's part of why kids under 13 aren't allowed to have pages under Facebook's current terms and conditions.

The rest of the results of the study can be found here.