Libraries have been under attack recently in West Michigan by right-wing extremist groups who don't approve of books and programs that they believe are being hosted in these public spaces.

However, the latest attack on the Kent District Library (KDL) by a group based in Algoma Township is downright false, and misleading.

Steven Bohner
Steven Bohner

Back in January, the Algoma Township Board voted to approve a ballot measure to separate from KDL, which would leave them having to provide their own library solution. Meaning now the citizens of Algoma Township will be headed to the polls to decide it's fate.

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And there's one independent group who is spreading misinformation about the ballot measure, in an effort to close the branch. This video from WZZM explains the situation well...

KDL stands by the fact that the events being called out on the flyer never happened, which makes this equally confusing and frustrating for those who are trying fighting to keep their library around.

The flyers that have been sent to homes in the area have a disclaimer saying that they have been paid for by "FH4JE PAC". The flyer also instructs people to visit the website for the group Forest Hills for Just Education.

So what happens if the people of Algoma Township fall for this flyer? They could really be screwing themselves out of some great benefits that KDL offers. According to a website that KDL has set up, this could happen:

  • If Algoma Township residents vote “no” on the ballot proposal to leave KDL, they will continue to have access to KDL's Five Star library service, as well as extensive programming by our professional staff. KDL goes beyond the traditional scope of a library to offer a collection of unique items, including Wi-Fi hotspots, bicycles, movies, iPads, GoPro Cameras – even garden seeds. KDL provides innovative and educational programming for all ages.
  • If Algoma Township residents vote “yes” on the ballot proposal to leave KDL, they will no longer have access to all the materials that they would as a KDL patron. For example, Algoma Township residents will not be able to check out items from the digital collection or Beyond Books Collection, and they would lose access to other online databases and resources.

So hopefully, this measure dies just like the lies that are fueling it. Libraries are such an important part of our communities, I'd hate to see some misinformed and uneducated view points to strip people from their chance to learn and grow for free.

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