Back in 2000, a little band called *NSYNC made a music video for their hit song, "It's Gonna Be Me." Now, Fall Out Boy has created their own music video as a spinoff tribute.

Although the lyrics to the *NSYNC and Fall Out Boy hits are nowhere close to similar, the themes of the videos tie in together. *NSYNC's video features the band members as action figures living the good life. They get to party with Barbie-type dolls, hang out, and even attract the attention of the pretty, female shopper (who eventually takes them home).

Fall Out Boy's "Irresistible" video shows the members of the band as rejected toys that nobody really wants. They get to skateboard around, sure, but they don't fit in with the other action figures. Attracting the attention of Barbie is futile. Oh, and nobody, especially *NSYNC's Chris Kirkpatrick and Joey Fatone, likes the toys. The only person the band can gain the attention of is Demi Lovato. Darn?

Either way, the similarities between the videos is pretty charming, and you can check out both songs in the videos below.