With Fashion's Night Out right around the corner, it's the perfect time to talk fashion trends!  Lately I have seen a lot of tops that are backless. I have always loved the look but never knew how to wear it! I can’t just go braless! Not only is the skanky factor high on that but it's just not comfortable! At the same time, their is no way you can wear a backless shirt with a bra; it just looks bad. So I never dove in to this trend, until now.I was shopping the other day and found the CUTEST lace cami’s. They were black lace, cropped to just above the rib cage. The little tank is known as a "bralet" They are everywhere now!

These are the perfect thing for those oh so cute backless tops I had been aching over! So of course I splurge and buy three of these things! I love how the look turned out and just wanted to share, for anyone else who’s thinking of going backless but maybe doesn’t know how!

Along with the backless shirt trend I have been desperate to try the colored denim you've been seeing all over the place. I have seen jeans from colors like purple, pink and white, to floral prints and checkers. Colored and printed denim is big right now, so why not be uber trendy and pair everything together! Here's the look I came up with, it cost very little and was fun for a night out with my gal pals!

If you are a fashion girl and looking for a fun night out make sure to join us for Grand Rapids, Fashions Night Out - Thursday September 6th. We will have a fantastic runway show with giveaways, drinks, and tons of fun!