What prompted an all out brawl in Detroit between employees of a Shake Shack and customers is still unknown.

A Detroit man, Jason Taylor, caught the fight on video after his plans to stop for a burger downtown were thwarted. Upon approaching the Shake Shack, he and his cousin were confronted with an all out brawl between women spilling out of the restaurant, and pulled out his phone to record it all, and weigh in with some play by play as well.

FOX 2 News referred to it as 'dinner and a show' as the video unfolded.

'Those are the burger girls!" he yelled when he noticed that some of the girls involved were decked out in the Shake Shack uniform.

"I'm looking and I see the green burger (logo) on their shirts and I said they're the Shake Shack girls," Taylor told FOX 2. "I told my cousin no Shake Shack today, buddy."

Shake Shack, for its part, has told FOX 2 News they are investigating the fight, which will probably result in some dismissals.

Whatever set off the all out brawl, it turned ugly quickly. Most of the girls had their shirts torn off and we're fighting in their bras before too long. And then action was reminiscent, and probably better than some UFC fights, with fists flying and one woman even leaping over a chain fence to get in the action.

The fight was intense but brief, as Taylor said it fizzled out after a few minutes.

Neither side seemed all that put out by the melee, as when Detroit Police showed up, no one asked for charges to be filed in the incident.


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