Some people just have a need for speed, pushing their speedometers until the needle breaks. These are the people you see whizzing by you as you push the speed limits going 76 on the highway. They make you feel like you're driving like a granny and you think about pushing down on that gas pedal until you see the red and blue lights. Now that speeder is paying the price for being fast and furious.

On Monday there was a 22-year-old Lansing individual who was pulled over for going 106 mph on I-496. The driver was issued a speeding ticket 36 mph over the speeding limit and not having a license. The First-District Michigan State Police made a statement that it was "very dangerous and unacceptable." To make the situation even worse the driver has outstanding warrants and was arrested.

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The Fastest Speeding Ticket in Michigan History

At times during the beginning of the pandemic, it seemed like traveling was never going to be an option again. Many highways and freeways felt open to adventurous drivers, including this Detroit area driver. The driver was going southbound I-75 in Monroe County when they were pulled over for going 110 mph over the speed limit. Michigan State Police ticketed this driver for going 180-mph in the 70 mph zone.

The Detroit Free Press reported that there was a redacted Michigan State Police post of the ticket to Twitter, stating that the driver in question was driving a 2016 Dodge and had apologized for speeding.

“My fault I was speeding with another (sick) vehicle... Sorry.”

The driver's fine for this outlandish case of speeding, was about a dollar per mile per hour at $180, which is the case for fines for speeding above 26 mph according to the Monroe County website.

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