When Emma McCormick read aloud passages of the runaway erotic best-seller ‘Fifty Shades of Grey‘ to her longtime boyfriend last month, he had a very, um,  saucy reaction.

Unfortunately for McCormick’s eyes and Raymond Hodgson’s permanent record we’re talking the A.1. kind of saucy.

Apparently Hodgson became outraged by the book’s sexual content, which he later told authorities was”pornographic” and “distasteful.”

So the next day he returned to his girlfriend’s home armed with a plastic bottle of steak sauce. When she opened the door, he barged in and started squirting the condiment. (Apparently he was trying to teach her a lesson about being “saucy.”)

The brown sauce stung McComerick’s eyes and she later had to clean the mess off the walls. Hodgson was arrested, and he plead guilty to the saucing.

He was fined a few hundred dollars, and will have to abide by a 6 PM to 8 AM curfew for the next six weeks. But when it comes to his opinions on ‘Fifty Shades of Grey,’ he’s not budging. Talking to reporters after the sentencing, the 31-year old declared the E.L James book to be “wrong.”

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