So it's that time of year when there's a fireworks tent at nearly every corner in Michigan. And yes, fireworks are legal as you celebrate Independence Day, but there are a few caveats.

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First off, after tweaking the laws over the past few years, current laws adopted in 2018 allow the use of fireworks this week as one of the designated 'Holiday Windows' in the state of Michigan. During these windows, local governments are preempted from enacting fireworks restrictions from 11a-11:45p each day of the window. Our current use window began on June 29th and runs through the 4th on Sunday.

Child Enjoying Fireworks | 📷 Ken Evans
Child Enjoying Fireworks | 📷 Ken Evans

So that being said, what is actually legal:

  • Anyone 18+ can buy fireworks, and most retailers in Michigan now sell the 'good stuff', so no more road trips to Ohio or Indiana are necessary for aerial fireworks like mortars, cakes, rockets, and roman candles.
  • Shooting off the fireworks from 11a-11:45p each day on your private property is protected by Michigan state law, but you're much more likely to remain friends with your neighbors if you wait until Friday, Saturday, & Sunday.

What is NOT legal:

  • You could be subject to noise violations or other ordinance fines up to $1000 per offense for shooting off fireworks before 11a or after 11:45p.
  • It's illegal to shoot off fireworks from ANY public property including streets or sidewalks. You are also restricted from shooting fireworks from churches, schools, and parking lots.

Also, if you are using aerials, they MUST remain on your property when they land. Any damage or injuries caused by your fireworks are wholly your responsibility. So be safe as you celebrate this Independence Day Weekend.

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