Kind of good news if you voted for Prop 1 and are still waiting to be able to recreationally buy weed here in Michigan.

According to WXYZ TV, the Michigan Regulatory Agency announced Wednesday in a bulletin that they would allow medical facilities with the license to grow, process or sell to take half of their inventory starting December 1st and move that to recreational sales if they have the license for recreational sales. WXZY says some recreational permits are expected to be approved in the next couple of weeks.

Previously it was expected to be March or April when the first inventory was ready for recreational sales, so this news means it may be a bit sooner, but WXYZ says that they still plan to have recreational inventory deficiencies until the first crop is ready in March or April.

Medical facilities can only transfer half of their inventory to recreational IF that inventory has been in their possession for 30 days.  The fear is we might run out of supply for the medical side, which is prescribed as medicine for those patients.

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