There are a lot of rules when it comes to when you should raise and lower your flags, and our local government and federal buildings follow these standard flag codes.


Generally, your flag should fly at full staff from sunrise to sunset, all days that are not holidays or days of mourning. So, if you see a flag at half staff it generally means we are likely mourning something as a state or nation.

Flag at Half Staff
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And today, Wednesday November 30th, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has ordered our state's flags to be at half staff in honor of a tragic anniversary.

Why are Michigan's flags at half staff today? (Wednesday, November 30th 2022)

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer ordered U.S. and Michigan flags across the state to be lowered to half-staff on Wednesday in honor of the Oxford High School shooting victims. Flags should be returned to full staff on Thursday, Dec. 1.

United States flag flying at a half-staff
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Four students at Oxford High School in Oxford Township, outside of Detroit, lost their lives tragically when another student senselessly opened fire a year ago today.

Shooting At Oxford High School In Michigan Leaves 3 Students Dead, 8 Injured
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Governor Whitmer issued a statement when she ordered the flags to be lowered in honor of the students lost a year ago today,

"It's been one year since we lost four beautiful young souls in Oxford. One year since a community was changed forever, One year later, we honor the memories of Hana, Tate, Madisyn, and Justin and reaffirm our commitment to holding the Oxford community close. Words will never be enough to meet the scale of the loss that this town has been through. But all of Michigan sends its love, its prayers, and its commitment to working together to keep all our families and communities safe."

Our thoughts are with the families, friends and loved ones of last year's senseless tragedy, as they grieve their lost loved ones.

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