We're teaming up with WZZM 13 to collect as much non perishable food as well can to help families in need.

During the cold times of the year food pantries are often stocked because of the time of year and people wanting to give. The Food for Families food drive is trying to raise awareness that hunger does NOT take summer vacation. During the summer months food panties often suffer and are in great need.

Here's how you can help us! And, it's SUPER easy...

You can donate non-perishable food items to ANY spartan store in West Michigan. Here's the link to all the stores participating.

Now, we're gonna be all around town helping out as well. If you want to come see us and hang out as well as donate you can find us:

June 10th --WZZM Parking Lot on 3 Mile. We're having a huge food collection day. That's from 4-7pm.

June 12th -- The Supermarket Sweep game at the Family Fare on Lake Michigan Drive.

June 17th --This location is yet to be determined. We will be hanging out at the store that does the VERY best at collecting food for the drive.

Need more info? Check out the Food For Families Website.