Beef Lo Mein

In a recent survey, 89% of people got the answer wrong when asked where certain foods came from. How were we supposed to know that China is responsible for the creation of pasta?

Below are the eight foods that people guessed the wrong country of origin for:

1. Pasta from China

2. Worcestershire sauce started in India

3. Chop Suey came from the U. S of A!

4. French Fries were first made in Belgium

5. Lasagna originates from Greece

6. Fajitas, also an American dish

7. Ancient Greeks were the first to discover the magnificence of CHEESECAKE. Yes!

8. Last but not least, garlic bread- also a US Tradition

Honestly though, do you really care where it came from? Aren't we all more concerned with where it ends up- in our bellies!!!

[Source: DailyMail]