Who doesn't love a good sale? Especially on items that usually would cost you a lot of money.

Surprisingly, the month of March has some pretty good discounts that you should take advantage of. And with it being tax season, now could be the perfect time to spend some of that extra money on one of these products.

Consumer Reports put together a list of the items that have biggest discounts this month.

Boxed Chocolates

Vstock LLC/ThinkStock

Prices often drop between Valentine's day and Easter. If you need some help here's a chocolate buying guide.

Digital Cameras


These are ones left over from Christmas and stores need to make room for the newer models. First and foremost, do your research when it comes to buying the right digital camera for you. There are a lot of models with different features.

Exercise Equipment


This especially includes treadmills and ellipticals. They've been on sale since January so you can find even bigger discounts on last year's models. According to Consumer Reports, the more expensive the exercise equipment usually the better quality it is.



This is because we're close to spring and most people buy humidifiers during the winter seasons.