Frederik Meijer Gardens

We are only a couple of weeks away from the blooming butterflies at Frederik Meijer Gardens and there is more excitement on the way.

Frederik Meijer Gardens has revealed the details on their 8 1/2 acre addition, The Richard and Helen DeVos Japanese Garden.

The Gardens have continued to grow and change since opening in 1995. The additions have always improved the overall experience and the Japanese Garden will be no different.

But what IS a Japanese Garden?  WZZM explains:

A Japanese garden is not about the plants; it's about the aesthetics.  The garden will utilize plants that are native to west Michigan, but they will be used in a way that creates a simple, yet harmonious environment.  The three words used by Meijer Gardens to envision the project are "Tranquility, Simplicity & Beauty."

Groundbreaking will take place by spring 2013.  The $22 million expansion is expected to open in 2015.