As gas prices continue to relentlessly rise in West Michigan, it can feel like you're working hard just to put gas in your car to be able to drive to work. So, maybe you're considering the switch to an electric vehicle.

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Most of the major auto manufacturers offer at least one electric vehicle these days, so they're becoming more and more common and easy to purchase. There are even multiple companies who have focused on only making electric cars such as Tesla and Rivian.

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With there being more electric cars now, that means you have more places offering the capability of charging your car. So if you're looking to see all of the places you're able to charge your electric car in West Michigan, here's a great list of places you can park.

Charge Point Charging Stations in Downtown Grand Rapids

A large majority of the parking garages in downtown Grand Rapids offer charging stations for you to use while you're spending time there.

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While you do have to pay to park in the garage, the charge itself is free afterwards. So if you're paying to park either way downtown, you might as well take advantage.

Meijer Locations

A majority of the Meijer locations across West Michigan offer free electric charging points at either the store or at their gas stations located next to the store

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Jens Schlueter

So if you plan to do some shopping, plug in and take advantage!

Tanger Outlets

Doing some shopping? The Tanger Outlets just outside of Grand Rapids have a place for you to plug in for free while you spend!

Car Dealerships and Hotels

While these aren't the best options for everyday use, if you find yourself low on your battery, most of the dealerships in West Michigan that sell electric cars will offer you a change point.

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Hotels are also great at offering charge points, so if you're traveling- this info can apply when you leave West Michigan too.

Along Lake Michigan

While not every parking lot on the beach near Lake Michigan offers an electric charging point, they are offered in Muskegon, Grand Haven, and St Joseph.


You also can find charging points not far from the beach in South Haven and Saugatuck.

Want an updated list of places you can charge your car? Try the app plugshare - they've got details, cost, and an option to filter for only free charging points.

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