Earlier this year a brand new style of pedestrian jaywalking awareness campaign launched in Paris, France that has people terrified.  Vehicle on pedestrian accidents are a huge problem in Paris, with around 4,500 pedestrian accidents in the city each year.

The Parisian Road Safety Authority decided to scare some unwitting jaywalkers with an audio visual encounter with a speeding car.  When pedestrians decided to ignore the crosswalk sign and jaywalk, a digital billboard near the crosswalk would play a loud car screeching noise and take a picture of the jaywalker.  The image of the frightened pedestrian would then be displayed on the billboard with a message of: "Don’t take the risk of facing death"

What do you think about this campaign?  If you were one of these people in the video, would you feel as though you've learned something, or just got scared half to death for no reason?