Really? Hummus and Veggies?

When 's the last time "Man Vs. Food" showed up at the ballpark to feature that?

In case you missed it, the West Michigan Whitecaps announced their new menu item this year will be "Chicks & Sticks", a serving of hummus with vegetables.

Great. Score one for the namby pambies.

From available voting choices like the 5630 calorie "Walking Spaghetti", to 7 meats mixed in a "meat salad", the usually (admittedly) unhealthy choices are the headline attention grabbers that draw national attention to the Caps each year.  While I have no interest in trying to take on a 5/3 burger myself, I like the idea of having one on the menu, just to thumb my nose at those who want to suck all the  joy out of having a couple hot dogs and a cold beer.  When someone asks about going to games here, I find it hard to believe the prospect of low-cal rabbit food makes anyone call their buddies and go, "Dude, we gotta try that!"

They've already sucked the joy out of school lunch, hospital food, and villified McDonalds.  Now we have to worry about them invading the ballpark?

Next, they'll probably make us sing "Buy me some yogurt and carrot sticks.."

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