One of my Facebook friends posted this today.  I got a pretty good laugh out of it, only because it seems like every state has some similar myopic view.

When I lived in Milwaukee, the running joke was "What's a Wisconsinite definition of coast to coast?  Driving from Milwaukee to LaCrosse."  And there was a lot of truth to that.  You have no idea how many Wisconsin residents had no concept of what existed outside of their state or even their little suburb.  It always amazed me.

The same was true when I lived in Philadelphia.  My wife and I always joked that many people apparently thought the world dropped off sharply at the Philadelphia county line.  Most lacked basic geography skills and couldn't tell the difference between Ohio, Iowa and Idaho.

Since I've been in Michigan for only 4 months, I'm really not sure how accurate this is.  I'd love to hear your thoughts.