However, you can say goodbye to the fun holiday jokes, witty warnings and creative messages because they are about to be banned forever in Michigan thanks to a new rule.

Last month, the U.S. Federal Highway Administration released their updated manual, which includes rules regulating signs and other traffic control devices. One of the changes you'll find in the handbook is that those fun tongue in cheek signs that are aimed at raising awareness about highway safety, will soon disappear.


The reasoning? They believe that these silly messages that they intended to grab your attention and remind you of something, discredit the important messages and warnings that these signs are intended for. They believe that if you have funny messages, people are less likely to pay attention to the serious ones.

(And I think that's lame, because if anything those funny messages are the reason I'm paying attention to start!)

Thankfully, you'll have time to appreciate them a little longer because the Federal Highway Administration said states have until 2026 to comply with the new changes. So, soak up those puns this summer and next year while you can. MDOT writers, do your best while you still can.

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