Rock fans ascended on Van Andel Arena on Tuesday, May 16th expecting to see an incredible show. Breaking Benjamin returned to west Michigan, bringing along with them iconic 90's rock band Bush.

If you don't know the band Bush, it's likely that you know their lead singer, and former ex-husband of Gwen Stefani, Gavin Rossdale.

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The rock band Bush has been building their fanbase since 1992, still having their songs played on rock radio stations across America every single day. So, like many others who were at Van Andel on Tuesday night, I was amped to see some of my favorite songs live.

And they didn't disappoint, they played crowd pleasers like "Gylcerine", "Everything Zen", and "Machine Head"

But the most special moment of the entire show came for some people who thought they were going to be the furthest of all from the stage.

During "Flowers on a Grave", Gavin Rossdale leaped off the stage, and started to make his way through the crowd, running down the aisle near the floor seats. But he didn't stop there, he made his way up to the back of section 101, which is the dead back of the Arena.

Laura Hardy / TSM
Laura Hardy / TSM

(It was hard to grab a photo with the lights down low, but you can see him in there!)

If you get the chance to see Bush live, do it. You'd be surprised how much fun you'll still have to songs you used to jam to back in the day. And thanks for thinking of the far away fans, Gavin. We appreciate it too.

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