Gender reveals are huge on the Internet lately, but this gender reveal lasagna is a step too far for some.

Villa Italian Kitchen is offering parents-to-be around the United States gender reveal lasagnas for $140, according to an ABC News affiliate station. Each lasagna is made-to-order and comes with either pink or blue ricotta and mozzarella cheese throughout, as well as garlic rolls and salad for guests.

Each oddly colored dish serves 12 people. Expectant parents and their guests will have plenty to munch on after the big reveal is made.

Although significantly less controversial than shooting target gender reveals, gender reveal lasagna hasn't been a hit online. Pasta-dish purists have had a lot to say about the dish.

"Ban heterosexuals," one Twitter user joked.

Another said, "this is what broke me today."

"Thank u for asking. So my biggest issue with this lasagna debacle is less about how insane it is to use ricotta to do a gender reveal but the fact that THERES NO SAUSE ON THIS LASAGNA it looks f---ing dry," a third added.

Another Twitter user added, "Guys, if we tweet about the gender reveal lasagna we're giving the pizza company's thirsty publicists exactly what they want. We must stand strong!"

Despite the backlash, Villa Italian Kitchen hasn't wavered on serving up the oven-fresh blue and pink lasagnas. It's unclear how many people have purchased them. Their post announcing the creation has been viewed more than 3,000 times on Instagram.

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