Today from 4-5 PM, McDonald's is offering free bacon on ANYTHING on the menu.  And when they mean anything, they mean anything.  You can get it on an apple pie, you can get it on your chicken nuggets (pretty sure that just ends up being a side of bacon, but whatever.)

And don't stop with just the hot foods, this also includes ice cream, milkshakes, and McFlurries.

McDonald's has a special Bacon Hour page on their website where you can get more details.  Here is the "Too Long Didn't Read" that they posted on their site:

"TLDR: Bacon Hour. McDonald’s. One day, January 29. One hour, 4-5 p.m. (local time). At participating restaurants nationwide***. An hour long celebration of bacon’s arrival to the Classics where customers will be able to get FREE bacon on the side with anything on the menu."

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