Moving forward, the CDC COVID-19 Vaccine card that they give you when you get your vaccine is going to become very useful to prove that you're vaccinated. On the card, it tells the date you were vaccinated as well as the brand of vaccine you've received, which will be could be important in certain situations. There's talk about flying, cruising, going to concerts, or other things we want to do in mass gatherings that we'll need to show proof of being vaccinated, which is why you're going to want to keep that card in good shape.

According to WNEM, Staples is offering now through April 3rd to help you take care of your CDC Vaccine card by laminating it for you for free. If you've already received both doses - if you're getting the Pfizer or Moderna shot - or the one Johnson & Johnson shot, you then just need to take your card into the area where they do copies and whatnot and they'll laminate it for you, free.

The offer is good nationwide but only until April 3rd, so maybe share this info with your family and friends to help them out.

There's still more talk about how for international traveling we'll need a more secure vaccine "passport", one that's not as easily forged and coordinated by a number of countries. But for now, take care of the CDC card you get when you get vaccinated.

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