As bars and restaurants get ready to reopen on June 8th, many people are still contemplating whether or not they feel safe dining or drinking at the establishment.  If you are one of those people but have been craving a professionally crafted cocktail, you might soon be able to grab your drink to go.

A House Committee in the Michigan Legislature has just approved a package of bills that would make "cocktails to go" legal for bars and restaurants to sell if they meet the right criteria.  The bills would allow establishments to do a couple of things.  One bill will allow local governments to set up zones where bars and restaurants could serve alcoholic beverages outdoors where transmission of the coronavirus is less likely.  And the other bill would allow bars and restaurants to have cocktails delivered or available in to go orders with or without the order of a meal.

The bills have been approved in committee and are designed to help the struggling bar and restaurant industry who has been hit especially hard by the coronavirus pandemic.  Now the bills have another committee to go through before they can be voted on by the house, the senate, and then signed into law by the governor.

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