We put so much thought into choosing the right gift for someone so why not do the same with the wrapping paper? You want that someone to be excited to open your gift so when it's wrapped nicely it makes it that much more exciting. Gift Wrap My Face is exactly what you need this holiday season!

The website allows you to put your face on wrapping paper! Have a face only a mother can love? Imagine her reaction when she sees your face on the beautifully wrapped box. Maybe you're a little insecure... that's okay! How about your baby's face? Or your cat? The possibilities are endless!

Go on to the website, select your design, upload an image, cut out your face & voila! Half a roll goes for $7.99 and a full roll will cost you $14.99.

See examples here.

As if your face on gift wrap wasn't enough here are the top 5 reasons to gift wrap your face according to the website:


5) Eliminate recipient confusion and no more gift tags.

4) Everyone will be talking about your wrapping paper instead of your sub-par gift.

3) Save money by purchasing a sub-par gift.
2) It’s funny and kinda cute.
1) You know you want to.