It's hard enough for me to wait a week for a new episode of Glee. A sweet spin off could take the edge off a little, you know? If you're a Gleekaholic like I am, here's the latest Glee spin off rumors from OK Magazine:

Looks like the stars from Jersey Shore aren’t the only ones to get spin-offs. There’s talk that Darren Criss from Glee may get his very own show in the near future!

While in NYC this week Darren told Access Hollywood (via PopEater), “Hey, I’m just happy to be invited to the party.” He added, “A spin-off, whatever they want, I’m happy where I am.”

It sounds like the notion of a spin-off is in the infancy idea stage at the moment but Darren’s on board if the notion takes flight! ”I think Blaine serves a really cool function in the grander scheme of Glee, so I don’t think we need to focus particularly — you know, but if they want to do it, hey, I’m down! Whatever they want.”

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