GM made an about-face Saturday when it took down the Chevy Blazer from the Chevrolet Fountain at Comerica Park in Detroit.

DetroitFreePress says that the Chevy Blazer SUV was put on display, along with a Silverado Pickup, above the fountain for the upcoming baseball season.  But there was some disagreement with the Blazer being on display in the heart of American-made autos because it’s not made in America, instead, it's assembled in Mexico. That matters right this second because GM is in labor talks with the UAW and UAW members love going to enjoy America's pastime during the summer.

So instead of the Blazer, they've replaced it with a Chevrolet Traverse SUV which is made in Lansing.  GM tried to defend putting the Chevy Blazer on the fountain telling DetroitFreePress,

GM defended its move last week saying, “American workers contribute more to the Chevy Blazer than anyone else.  It pumps more than $500 billion into the U.S. manufacturing economy and support thousands of U.S. jobs.”

Although the UAW saw it as a slap in the face.  So Saturday, they quietly swapped out the vehicles which also included swapping out the Silverado pickup, so it matched the new Traverse on display.

Opening Day for the Tigers is Thursday, April 4th as they take on the Kansas City Royals.

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