Most people only see road signs as merely functionary and a blur blowing past them on interstates. For one brief moment once, these basic green signs caused heads to turn and Cubs fans to smile as they cheered on Chicago's beloved baseball team.

An undated photo of a 'Go Cubs Go' sign being installed on a Chicago area interstate was shared by the Illinois Department of Transportation on LinkedIn:

Speculation is that the signs were erected in 1984, a year that marked the team's first postseason appearance in decades before losing to the San Diego Padres in the National League Championship Series.

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Why Go Cubs Go?

The Go Cubs Go cheer is popular among northside fans and was written in 1984 by Steve Goodman to celebrate the successful campaign. It is considered the team's official 'victory song' and is played after home game wins.

Hey Chicago, what do you say? If you've never heard the song, here it is:

Where was the Go Cubs Go Highway Sign?

While the photo doesn't come with any info attached, the speculation among the roads scholars of the ChicagoRoads Facebook group places the sign at the Addison St exit along the Kennedy Expressway. From a LinkedIn Commentor:

Inbound Kennedy at Addison Street. One of my favorite places on earth, so much so I named my kids Clark & Addison! Go Cubs go!

Addison Street leads directly to Wrigley Field. In fact, the address for the ballpark is 1060 West Addison.

Here's what that overhead big green sign looks like today sans the 'go Cubs go.'

addison st overhead bgs
Google Maps Street View

It's not completely unheard of for a highway department to get in on sports fandom. During the pandemic-era NCAA Men's College Basketball tournament of 2021 which was held exclusively in Indiana, the state's DOT changed interstate shields on highways leading to venues to read 'Hoosier Hoops Highway.'

And one final thought from a White Sox fan, the Southsiders won it all in 2005, long before the Cubs sealed the deal, but where was our team's Go White Sox highway signs leading to 35th and the Dan Ryan?

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