Lady Gaga is doing something that no artist has done before.  She is teaming up with Facebook and Zynga (the company that created FarmVille on Facebook) to distribute her music through social media.  Players of GagaVille will get to listen to unreleased songs off of Lady Gaga's new album "Born This Way"!  Lady Gaga fans, THIS IS A MUST READ!

If you don't play FarmVille, well maybe now is a good time to start.  Above is a screenshot of Gaga's farm and when you visit her farm you can listen to some of her new tracks.  Playing right now is the unreleased track "Marry Me".

Bonus for Gaga and FarmVille fans! - Buy a $25 gift card to Zynga at any Best Buy and get a free digital download of Lady Gaga's album "Born This Way" when it drops on May 23rd.

If Farmville isn't your thing, check out the 'Words With Friends' app on your iPhone or Android and use the designated Gaga word of the day for a chance to win tickets to one of her concerts.

Gaga is ahead of so many artists by tying in to these huge social media phenomenons!