A goat escaped from a truck on its way to a slaughterhouse and caused a two-hour traffic jam in New York.


Thousands of people travel on Pulaski Skyway to get to the Holland Tunnel into New York. I'm sure traffic jams are no surprise to those trying to get into New York, but I bet nobody would have expected one to be caused by a goat.  A truck traveling to a slaughterhouse happened to be on the Skyway yesterday morning and one lucky goat escaped. We aren't really sure how he escaped, but as soon as he did he took off running. One car swerved to avoid hitting the goat and caused a four-car accident. Police then went into pursuit for almost two hours before they caught the goat. So, not only did it escape the truck and avoid being hit by a car, but it was then taken to the humane society where it will be placed on a rescue farm. This may be the luckiest goat ever.