Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has signed legislation that will lead to some changes in Michigan’s high school graduation requirements. The changes will affect math, foreign language, and health and physical education classes.

The two laws, which were signed Wednesday, chnage a provision that gives students flexibility to meet the Algebra II credit by taking welding or another career/technical education class. Snyder says the goal of this particular change is to give K-12 districts some more flexibility to integrate algebra II into career tech programs while maintaining the “necessary rigor.”

Currently, Michigan also requires students to complete two years of a foreign language in high school. Under this new legislation, students can also choose to meet the requirement in grades K-8.

Students who now need one year of health and physical education will get a little bit of flexibility, as well. They will have the option of half-credit of health and count extracurricular activities to meet a half-credit requirement in gym.