In an effort to save the Detroit Institute of Arts' (DIA), hopes were high that the Michigan Legislature would pass a bill to prevent the potential sale of the collection. Unfortunately, the Governor, and the House of Representatives put the kibosh on that one.The bill, put forth by Republican Senator Randy Richardville, had moved quickly, thanks to the state Senate. Even with the Senate's valiant efforts, the House has insisted on taking a summer break- which will delay further progress until the fall, and a spokesperson says they won't even consider the bill until then (Detroit Free Press).

Snyder commented on the issue, "My goal is not to see the art of the DIA disappear, but it's also important to recognize that as fiduciary of the city, that the art is an asset of the city. We want to try and do the best we can to maintain it in a proper way".

Obviously, the Governor hasn't spent much time in Detroit lately. If he had, he would know the importance and relevance of the arts to the people of that area, and how insensitive his comments are to a city that has already lost so much. If that wasn't bad enough: a Bloomberg columnist, Virginia Postrel, wrote an offensive article titled "Detroit's Van Gogh Would Be Better Off in L.A." Hmm, nice.

It's understandable that SOMETHING needs to be done to improve the financial status of the city, but this is not the solution; removing even more of the cities attractions.

Hang in there Detroit, don't let the haters get'cha down. We're rooting for your comeback!!