Orkin pest control annually releases a list of the 50 most rat-infested cities in the nation, and this year, if you're a Michigan resident, you may be living in one of them.

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What is the most rat-infested city in the country?

According to the annual survey from Orkin, the most rat-infested city in the entire country is Chicago.

The windy city is home to the most rodent treatments in the country and has held the 'prestigious' title for the past 8 years.

What are the rattiest cities in the Midwest?

Not only does the midwest take the top spot with Chicago's #1 ranking, but other midwest cities on the top half of the list include:

  • Cleveland at #8
  • Minneapolis at #12
  • Indianapolis at #15
  • Pittsburgh at #16
  • Cincinnati at #17
  • Milwaukee at #21
  • Columbus at #25

What are the most rat-infested cities in Michigan?

Unfortunately for the Great Lakes State, rats straight up LOVE Michigan, and three Michigan cities are in the top 50 'rattiest' cities in the nation.

Detroit, which was ranked #8 in the nation last year, dropped to #9 in this year's rankings.

Grand Rapids was ranked #32 in last year's survey, but gained a spot and is #31 this year.

Rounding out the Michigan entries is Flint, which actually dropped 6 spots down to #40 in the country.

How can I keep rats and rodents out of my home?

According to Orkin the top attractant for rats and mice is food. You should store away food and keep it from easy access for rodents.

Orkin also recommends decluttering crowded spaces where rodents can hide, inspecting your home for early detection, and sealing any possible entry points that might entice rodents looking to escape the elements.

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