Out of all the restaurants that opened across the U.S. in 2021, a new spot downtown Grand Rapids is in the running for the best in the whole country.

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Given how difficult it's been for the hospitality industry during the pandemic, the honor is particularly impressive!

MDRD downtown Grand Rapids was chosen by a panel of travel and food experts as one of 20 of the best new restaurants in America in a USA Today 10Best Reader's Choice Poll. It's now up to a public vote to decide the top ten.

Have you been? If so, I'm jealous!

I've heard rave reviews about the Spanish restaurant on the 27th floor of the Amway Grand Plaza and have been meaning to go! Photos of the views overlooking the Grand River and downtown GR always look stunning - as does the food!

In Fall of 2020 we learned that MDRD would be moving into the Amway Grand Hotel, replacing Cygnus 27. As with so may things, the grand opening was delayed by the pandemic a few months, but MDRD was finally able to open it's doors in February 2021.

Tapas start at $9 and MDRD's decadent desserts at $14. Entrees range in price from $30 to $55 and include roasted chicken breast, roasted pork belly, pan seared scallops, beef tenderloin steak, and paella for one or two. For drinks, MDRD serves lavish cocktails, beer, and wine. You can check out the full menu here.

Here's USA Today's praise for MDRD (pronounced "Madrid")

MDRD has found its niche in the Grand Rapids restaurant scene with its unique take on modern Spanish cuisine. On the 27th floor of the Amway Grand Plaza restaurant overlooking the Grand River, start with a tapas selection before moving to the main menu - Pollo Asado, bacalao al ajullo, filete a la plancha, cochinillo asado, or vieiras. The paella mixta includes shrimp, chicken, morcilla, bomba rice, artichoke, piquillo, and aioli. Top off your dinner (if you can!) with your choice of mousse, souffle, or custard for dessert.

We can vote for Grand Rapids' MDRD as the Best New Restaurant in the U.S. once per day here through Monday, December 20 at noon!

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