As Grand Rapids grows and becomes a destination for travelers, our hotel prices are growing too. says Grand Rapids hotels are among the most expensive in the Midewest.

Madison, Wis. is the most expensive destination followed by Chicago and Ann Arbor. Grand Rapids is the sixth highest on the list.

The survey compared 30 Midwestern cities based on their cost of lodging during May 2016. Most cities in the region reach their highest average rates of the year at that time.

The cost of the cheapest available double rooms were compared. Only centrally located hotels rated at least three stars and with a positive average client rating were considered by the survey.

The ten most expensive cities:

1. Madison, Wis. $182
2. Chicago, Ill. $176
3. Ann Arbor, Mich. $175
4. Columbus, Ohio $164
5. Cincinnati, Ohio $155
6. Grand Rapids, Mich. $154
7. Fort Wayne, Ind. $152
8. Indianapolis, Ind. $147
9. Detroit, Mich. $144
10. Des Moines, Iowa $141