Grand Rapids no longer holds the world record for most fake mustaches worn at one time.

Grand Rapids set the world record for most fake mustaches with 1,532 in March.

Grand Rapids and LaughFest have also set records for fake animal noses and chicken tossing.

World record setting has become a LaughFest tradition, but this one didn't last long.

It was broke at cycling festival in Iowa on July 26.

Before the festival in July, LaughFest officials placed a friendly wager with the Iowa festival organizers betting that the record set in March wouldn't be broken.


LaughFest officials have paid up.  You can see the results in the photo as LaughFest officials wear shirts from the Iowa festival.

You can't really blame Grand Rapids for not setting the bar higher in March.  In a city filled with world class beer brewers FAKE mustaches are hard to find.

Here's more about the bet from WZZM.

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