So, you like tulips? Probably not as much as the man who planted 8,000 of them in his front yard. 

Myles Lawton loves the looks on people's faces when they come see his yard. He's on the corner of Plainfield and Comstock. The temperatures have dropped below freezing and in an effort to keep the flowers alive, Lawton covered them with sheets.

Lawton told Fox 17,

"It looked like there was ghosts hiding all over my front yard."


However, Lawton's display has made it through and the bulbs have bloomed. They turned out just as beautifully as he hoped.

In Holland, The Tulip Time parade has been cancelled. Instead, they're offering guided tours and a more personalized approach. Tulip Time Executive Director Gwen Auwerda said,

"While some traditional Tulip Time events may not be the same, they're giving people an inside look."

UFO Video via YouTube

Tulip Time Festival will take place May 1 through May 9. Click here for details.