The mayor of Syracuse is getting a little bit cocky after the Crunch have pulled off back-to-back wins against the Grand Rapids Griffins in the battle for the Calder Cup. So cocky, in fact, that she's offered up a little bet to Grand Rapids Mayor George Heartwell.

The wager is simple enough, if the Griffins win, Syracuse mayor Stephanie A. Miner will send Mayor Heartwell a case of beer brewed locally in Syracuse, as well as wear a Griffins jersey to a public event in the near future. If the Crunch win, Mayor Heartwell will have to send a case of Founder's beer and wear a Syracuse jersey to a public event in the near future. The wager is friendly enough, but Mayor Miner managed to get some digs in in the letter she wrote officially challenging Mayor Heartwell:

To Mr. George Heartwell, the Honorable Mayor of the City of Grand Rapids Michigan:

As you well know, the challenges of being a Mayor are truly endless. There are late nights, many meetings, and the constant demands and pressures to make your city the best it can be in the eyes of your residents and in the eyes of the world.

This is why, in recognition of the impending comeback win of the Syracuse Crunch over the Grand Rapids Griffins I challenge you to a bet over the outcome of the series. When the Crunch overtake the Griffins, we will have demonstrated our athletic prowess over your team and the superiority of the City of Syracuse over that of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

This is why, when the Crunch declare victory, I ask that you provide me and my staff with a case of beer from the Founders Brewery in Grand Rapids. Also, I will ask that you wear a Syracuse Crunch jersey at a public event. In the unlikely event the Crunch not prevail, I will send a case of our locally brewed Syracuse Pale Ale from Middle Ages Brewery beer sufficient for you and your staff and agree to wear a Grand Rapids Griffins jersey at a public event.

Mayor, I appreciate your willingness to submit to this challenge and I look forward to consuming your beer.


Mayor Stephanie A. Miner

Here's to hoping that Mayor Heartwell will be enjoying a well-deserved cold beverage from Middle Ages Brewery in the near future. In fact, he responded, but inviting Mayor Miner to visit Grand Rapids on Saturday when we welcome the Calder Cup home:

Dear Mayor Miner:

What are your plans on Saturday night? Perhaps you would be interested in visiting Grand Rapids to help us welcome home the Calder Cup after the Griffins dominate the Syracuse Crunch? Perhaps you can visit the Public Museum's exhibit RMS Titanic after the Crunch sink? We even have Calder Plaza -- Home to sculptures by Alexander Calder -- eagerly awaiting the cup's introduction! You can help us put it there.

I have heard of your challenge and I do choose to accept it. (Why not, it will be easy!) I agree to send you and your staff a case of Grand Rapids' own Founders Brewery beer and wear a Syracuse Crunch jersey to a public event in the HIGHLY unlikely event the Griffins do not welcome home the Calder Cup.

But, Grand Rapids is a city focusing on what we like to call 'leeding'. We lead the nation in LEED buildings and we are currently "LEED-ing" this series. So I look forward to receiving a case of Middle Ages Brewery Syracuse Pale Ale. Even better, I am excited to see the picture of you wearing a Griffins jersey.

May the better Mayor win.


George K. Heartwell

Oh. Snap.

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