Have you ever watched "The Nightmare Before Christmas?"

Who doesn't love a little spooky vibes sprinkled with your Christmas cheer?

Halloween meets Christmas in a unique way right here in Grand Rapids.

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If you have and loved it, this will be right up your alley.

A Grand Rapids family business is getting a lot of attention on TikTok for a very spooky reason.

24-year-old, Makayla Burns, posted a TikTok explaining how she was worried about her father's horror-themed ornament company since it was the middle of December and the business was not seeing a lot of traction.

Two days after the TikTok was uploaded, they received so many order submissions.

After the TikTok went viral, Makayla recorded another video of her father's reaction to the overwhelming support.

@notfamousmakaylaIf anyone loves Halloween, he has the best horror-themed ornaments in the industry. The OGs. I have the link in my bio. ♬ original sound - MaKayla

She said,

"He had tears in his eyes."

Later in the TikTok, you can hear her father say,

"You saved this business. You saved this business. You have no idea how tickled I am. Oh my God."

With 3.5 million views and nearly 300,000 likes, "HorrorNaments" is now a sought-after company!

@notfamousmakaylaHe was crying when he walked up to my car ❤️ I have so much love for all of you! ♬ original sound - MaKayla

On their Facebook, they have now accumulated over 65,000 likes and follows each!

According to Horrornament's email, they are dealing with the largest amount of orders ever!

Horrornaments via Facebook
Horrornaments via Facebook

With ornaments like a coffin, a "Bad Elf", Krampus, and even Michael Myers, if you are into a spookier version of Christmas you definitely want to buy a few ornaments.

If you want to buy any of their ornaments, you can purchase them from the website or on their Amazon storefront.

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