Everyone knows that crime doesn't pay.. but that doesn't mean your ideas to solve it won't rake in a little cash.


The Grand Rapids police are offering a cash prize to any citizens who provide ideas and solutions to reduce our rising neighborhood violence. So if you think you have a solution to the problems your neighborhood faces, you may be given up to $10,000 to help solve them.

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Coming up in late November, the Safe Alliances for Everyone Task Force (also known as SAFE) is hosting their 'ptich night' for ideas from the community on how to help.

How does the Grand Rapids SAFE 'Pitch Night' go?

The first SAFE pitch and highlight night happened in 2017, when city officials asked for citizens to 'pitch' their ideas on how to reduce violence or gun violence in the city. Just last year, the city picked 5 participants to each receive $10,000 each to help implement heir ideas.

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This year's event plans to do the same, seeking 5 participants to come forth with their ideas on how to help keep youth aged 12-24 in Grand Rapids safe. They are also looking for programs that plan to take place between April and September of 2023.

How can I participate in the SAFE Task Force Pitch Night?

It's simple- first you need to submit your idea before Tuesday, November 22nd on this website.

The next pitch and highlight event is scheduled for Wednesday, November 30th from 6 - 8:30pm at the Grand Rapids Center for Community Transformation, where people will get 5 minutes to pitch their idea. The 5 best ideas will be chosen for the SAFE grants.

v_zaitsev/ Thinkstock
v_zaitsev/ Thinkstock

If you plan isn't picked, that doesn't mean you can't help. They will be looking for people to volunteer to help execute these plans once they are picked, so keep your ears open for details in late 2022, early 2023.

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