A month or two ago, I got a text from my boyfriend while I was at work. "We're delivering to this new pizza restaurant, and apparently they're filming for some TV show. With a famous chef? Bobby something?" I immediately knew that he was talking about Bobby Flay, but I couldn't figure out why he would be filming at a restaurant that wasn't even open yet. Then, I figured it out! Bobby was in town filming at Licari's Sicillian Pizza Kitchen for the Food Network's new show "3 Days To Open With Bobby Flay"!  From the Food Network website:

Bobby Flay heads to Grand Rapids to help the Licari family open Licari’s Sicilian Pizza Kitchen in only three short days. But with secret recipes “Mama” won’t share, a signature pizza that doesn’t measure up, a negative bank account, and husband and wife owners who don’t have defined roles, this is a recipe for disaster! With only 3 Days to Open, will Bobby be able to open this restaurant before it closes?

Air times are July 27 at 10pm, July 28 at 1am and August 2 at 11pm. Should be awesome to see a GR business on national TV!

Licari's Sicillian Pizza Kitchen is located at 2869 Knapp St. NE, Ste. B.