If you live in the Richmond Park/Alpine & Leonard area (or just, on the West side of GR), heads up:  Someone wants in your car!

Friday morning around 5:30am, I was awoken (or is it, I awoke?)...

Let’s try this again, Friday morning around 5:30am, I woke up when I heard guys talking outside my bedroom window.

I looked out to see six Grand Rapids Police officers investigating a call about a guy walking along Crosby Street (MY street!) looking in vehicles and checking door handles to see if they were unlocked. Didn't look like anyone was robbed, thankfully, but still there was someone looking to take stuff.

Then this morning, I see on Facebook, two other posts about the same thing all with in the same area on the west side of Grand Rapids:

Denisha Noneya/Facebook
Byron Clute/Facebook

In the comments of Byron's post, there's a picture showing the footprints from Denisha's and looking at the footprints on both posts, it looks like different prints, meaning it's more than just one person.

So be aware, lock your doors and call the police (616) 456-3400 or Silent Observer at (616)774-2345 if you see any suspicious people walking around our neighborhood!