A Grand Rapids woman has gone viral on Tik Tok with her hilarious logo redesigns.

Emily Zugay is not a graphic designer but that doesn't stop her from having some fun on Tik Tok giving her take on what's wrong with a popular companies logo and then showing off her logo redesign. In these video's Emily is kidding but she plays it off so well you might think she's being serious.

Some of the famous companies she's done logo redesigns for include:
The NFL, Amazon, Doritos, H&R Block, Scrub Daddy, Urban Decay, and NASA

One of my favorites she did is in the Tik Tok Video below.

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Emily starts off talking about how the iconic logo looks like two knees, which makes her uncomfortable while she's eating her McChicken sandwich. She suggests that instead of emphasizing the "M" in Mcdonald's they instead empathize the "O" in the logo which could lead to them selling onion rings.

Tik Tok wasn't the only one to notice Emily's funny videos that have gained her over 1.7 Million Followers and over 41.1 Million likes. Recently she appeared on the Ellen Degeneres show to talk about her logo redesign videos and even offered up a redesign of the Ellen Show logo.

Ellen was such a big fan of Emily's logo redesign that she put it all over the merchandise on her shows store and said that 100% of the profits of merchandise with the new logo will go to America's Food Fund. You can check out Emily's appearance on the ellen show here 

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