We all have our reality TV shows we can't help but sucked into. They're usually filled with lots of drama that doesn't involve ourselves, which is honestly what makes them so great. I would put 90 Day Fiancé into that category.

In the U.S., a foreigner can get a K1 Visa allowing the individual to legally live with their partner for 90 days. However, the couple must wed within that period before the visa expires and the international person is forced to go back to their country.

For the last seven seasons, the TLC network show has been documenting the ups and downs of international couples and the struggles they go through before saying "I Do." That is if they even make it that far.

In this upcoming season, we will get an up close and personal look into the life of a Grand Rapids woman, a self-admitted cougar, and her fiancé. The couples description reads:

Don’t let their age difference fool you: Spa owner Stephanie, 52, and Ryan, 27, swear their love is the real deal. Stephanie thinks she found her soulmate (while on vacation in Belize); she’s even paying his family’s rent and buying gifts to prove it. But Ryan is a flirt, and Stephanie becomes jealous. Ryan promises he’ll change his ways once in the U.S., but Stephanie’s family and friends are suspicious (via TV Insider).

The show's official Facebook page shared a 30-second preview of what to expect with these two, including secrets Stephanie has been keeping to herself.

They also dropped a "Sneak Peek" of this new season just a couple days before the premiere and I'm hooked already!

Meet the rest of the couples here.

So when will you get to see the drama unfold? The season 8 premiere of 90 Day Fiancé airs Sunday, December 6 at 8 p.m. on TLC.

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