A Grandville business owner has sparked controversy after posting his opinions his business' Facebook page Tuesday morning.

"There's a set of behavior rules in my place of business," Dieseltec owner Brian Klawiter wrote.. "I operate my life under Christian values and to not take those into my business, I think would be hypocritical."

Klawiter said he should be able to run his diesel engine repair shop the way he would like, and that includes including his religious beliefs.

He posted those sentiments on Facebook, and his since accumulated a ton of comments and shares, both from people who support him and those who oppose his statement.

"I did choose homosexuality as an example when I spoke of immoral behavior, and that certainly has become the hot-button issue," he told WZZM-13. "I did speak about guns, that they are welcome in my shop, so much so that I will offer a discount for those that want to carry one into my shop. I spoke about racism; I spoke about thievery and dishonesty and these are all things that aren't acceptable in my place of business."

Enough is enough. Our rights as conservative Americans are being squashed more and more everyday. Apparently if you...

Posted by Dieseltec on Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Klawiter says that he expected to get people talking when he made those statements online Tuesday morning. What he didn't expect, he says, were the attacks, threats, and language used by those disagreeing with his viewpoint.

He said that what he said about sexuality was only a small part of the post; the bigger issue at hand is his right as a business owner.

Klawiter claims that he didn't mean to start a controversy when he wrote the post, but that he should have realized what the outcome could be.

"I hope I get some hate mail, some pats on the back, and then we get back to fixing some trucks."

Local bankruptcy attorney Jeffrey D. Mapes of Mapes Law Offices responded with his own Facebook post:

DEAR DIESELTEC:This evening I was reading the news online and came across this story about Dieseltec, a local business...

Posted by Mapes Law Offices Grand Rapids Bankruptcy Attorneys on Wednesday, April 15, 2015