The Grand Rapids Police Department sent out a message Monday afternoon, advising the public that a protest that is rumored to be happening at 3 p.m. in downtown Grand Rapids is not permitted.

A text was sent to residents that stated that the GRPD is discouraging people to attend the rally, and that they will be strictly enforcing the city's 7 p.m. curfew.

We would very much like to speak to anyone associated with this rally in order to coordinate efforts to keep the community safe and not have a repeat of recent events.

As for the curfew, the GRPD says that,

The department preferred education as its first deterrent when the curfew went into effect, however, nine arrests were made yesterday in the downtown area for failing to comply. Strict enforcement will be utilized tonight as the city moves forward towards recovery.

The Kent County Courthouse and prosecutor's office in downtown Grand Rapids were vacated at 1 p.m. Monday as a precaution. The protest is rumored to be starting around Van Andel Arena and ending near the court house.

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Cleaning Up Downtown Grand Rapids - May 31, 2020


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