YouTube is littered with elaborate prom-posal videos, pregnancy reveals and marriage proposal productions. The latter's offerings often range from corny — such as this one set to Magic!'s "Rude" — to just plain unimaginative. The concepts aim for romance as seen in Disney movies or a The Bachelor season finale, all rose petals and mood-setting candles. A choir may be involved, or the ol' dancing flash mob. You're all familiar with the conventions of the genre by now.

While every proposal moment is a special snowflake, I've wondered why these recorded moments so rarely incorporate the couples' shared interests. When you're floating the idea of a permanent contract, wouldn't you want to put a spotlight on your unique bond ? That's exactly what makes the latest viral proposal video so special — and it's why Alec Wells and his girlfriend, Katherine Canipe, are my current couple crush.

Katherine's a huge horror movie fan, and even co-hosts a podcast about her obsession called Boys & Ghouls. Alec arranged a surprise for her as she toured the original Halloween movie house's block with friends. As you can see in the video above, Katherine and her pals stroll down the street in fictional Haddonfield, Illinois (actually South Pasadena, California). They launch into a Haddonfield cheer from the movie (these are clearly legit horror fans after my own heart), and that's when Halloween villain Michael Myers appears around the corner, eliciting a yelp from Katherine.

"We should probably go ahead," her clearly-in-on-it friend says, and they walk toward him. Alec pulls his rubber mask off and gets down on one knee, and Katherine bursts into tears. Spoiler alert: She says yes to being Alec's final girl.

Even if you're the type who dives under a blanket at the mere mention of scary movies, there's a lesson in this video for future ambitious proposers: Think about what gives your loved one life, and use that as inspiration.

Oh, and in case you're not already in love with the pop culture-loving couple, here's the engagement announcement Alec came up with — Katherine deems it "perfect."

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