Halsey just added a new tattoo to her extensive collection.

The singer debuted the massive tattoo on Instagram, revealing that she got it in Adelaide, Australia. The tattoo, done by artist Celia Dunne, is of Marilyn Manson's face. The features appear to be dripping black ink down her side.

"adelaide today. absolutely obsessed," she captioned the image, giving credit to the tattooer.

Halsey also tweeted about the tattoo. She did not share a photo of it on Twitter, but revealed that she'd gotten it. Halsey then clarified, after referring to Manson by only his last name, that she meant Marilyn Manson, not Charles Manson, the infamous cult leader.

"got manson tatted on my ribs I love Adelaide so much already," she wrote. "Marilyn. not Charles. Sheeesh lol"

Halsey has many tattoos, many of which are on her arms. She debuted a face tattoo in June 2018, which shocked fans. The tiny tattoo is located in front of her left ear. It resembles the suit of a Queen of Diamonds playing card.

"Headed straight for the castle. @nal.tattoo thanks for my first (and only hopefully lol) face tattoo," she captioned the image, which included several diamond emojis.

In total, she has about 22 known tattoos, including two people kissing on her thigh, a portrait on her arm and "I'm a loser, baby," from the Beck song, "Loser," on her neck.

Halsey at the 2018 Playboy Midsummer Night's Dream Event

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