It’s been ten years since the last Harold & Kumar film. (That was A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas.) Throughout the 2000s, John Cho’s Harold and Kal Penn’s Kumar were the movies’ signature stoners, going on a trilogy of silly, profane adventures to places like a White Castle and Guantanamo Bay.

The franchise stalled out after Christmas, but fans still want to see a Harold and Kumar reunion. Responding to social media questions for GQ, Cho said that the creative team — the series was created by writers Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg — have “given it some thought” but that a Harold & Kumar movie is a lot “more complicated” to make now than in the past.

Here is his full answer to a question about whether there might be a fourth Harold & Kumar:

I gotta say that this is a really stupid answer but we used to have a lot of political jokes and race jokes, and I don't know what the movie can do now. I don't know how to navigate that. We're giving it some thought, but it is like a much more complicated endeavor than it was five years ago. But I'd like to. I really like everyone and I like the characters. Fingers crossed.

Cho may have a point. The Harold & Kumar franchise was pretty out there in terms of content, and some of its jokes may not work for audiences in 2021. Plus, marijuana is legal in a lot of places now, and that could make the stories a bit more complicated to hash out. There’s also the matter of Hollywood generally making a lot fewer comedies than they did 15 years ago. I can envision a new Harold & Kumar working. But like Cho says, it could be complicated.

In the meantime, Cho stars in Cowboy Bebop on Netflix; you can watch his entire GQ Q&A below.

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