Harry Styles' "As It Was" lyrics and music video have arrived, and we can't wait for the new surprises ahead from the singer's new era!

On Thursday (March 31), the "Watermelon Sugar" singer premiered the first song off his upcoming third studio album, Harry's House.

The music video begins with the One Direction alum donning a red trench coat and black feather boa while walking backward in a sea of people that are walking forward. It then cuts to the scene that Styles teased on social media before the song's release — him on a turntable chasing the video's romantic lead in a circle.

Watch Harry Styles' "As It Was" Music Video:

Styles has been teasing fans with clips from his forthcoming record, which is slated to drop on May 20. The album feature 13 new tracks.

In March, Styles debuted a website for his upcoming album, YouAreHome.co, which allows fans to open a digital door to a portion of new artwork every day.

Styles will be headlining both weekends at Coachella in April before bringing his Love On Tour to the U.K. and South America. He will be supported by Wolf Alice, Koffee and Mitski.

Harry Styles' "As It Was" Lyrics:

Come on, Harry, we wanna say goodnight to you

[Verse 1]
Holdin' me back
Gravity's holdin' me back
I want you to hold out the palm of your hand
Why don't we leave it at that?
Nothin' to say
And everything gets in the way
Seems you cannot be replaced
And I'm the one who will stay, oh oh oh

In this world, it's just us
You know it's not the same as it was
In this world, it's just us
You know it's not the same as it was
As it was, as it was
You know it's not the same

[Verse 2]
Answer the phone
Harry, you're no good alone
Why are you sitting at home on the floor?
What kinda pills are you on?
Ringin' the bell
And nobody's coming to help
Your daddy lives by himself
He just wants to know that you're well, oh oh oh

[Repeat Chorus]

Go home, get ahead, light-speed internet
I don't wanna talk about the way that it was
Leave America, two kids, follow her
I don't wanna talk about who's doing it first

As it was
You know it's not the same as it was
As it was, as it was

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